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Dan Weniger double majored in Film Scoring and Composition at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music. He has written for some of the biggest award-winning theatrical campaigns such as: James Bond, Spider-Man, Mad Max and The Martian to name a few. He has also conducted, composed and arranged for orchestras at the world-renowned Capitol Records and Abbey Road studios. His writing experience ranges in television, film and commercial markets, including relationships with such companies as:

Dan is the founder of Playtunes Music. He has worked with artists such as: Phillip Giffin, Heitor PereiraChristopher TinFrancis Buckley, Satoshi Mark Noguchi, Kyle NewmasterMatthias WeberClair Marlo, Ace Baker, Gary Novak, Judd Miller, Chris BlethWindy Wagner, Danielle Bisutti, Erinn Williams, Yukari Black, Angeli KakadeJustin PurtillPeter Manning RobinsonMark DenisVeigar MargeirssonBrian BrasherChris Rosa and many more.

Recent Trailer Placements..

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