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Dan Weniger

A guide to creating great music

Welcome to Composer's Secrets. Here you will find videos of things I've learned from over 20 years of music industry experience. Secrets to creating great music such as:

  •How to create huge percussion hits

  •Making sampled instruments sound great

  •How to find your own musical voice

  •Recommendations on what software and equipment to buy

  •Writing techniques

  •Working with synthesizers

  •Live recording techniques and a whole lot more!

There will be videos going through my most licensed tracks and how I created them, a series called: What's in That Track? Tricks and techniques that I hope will inspire you to create. I will be posting a new video every week. So please subscribe and join me while I share my knowledge with you. Here we go!

To watch content simply subscribe for $9.99 per month which gets you access to all of my full length videos. Cancel any time. My YouTube Playlists are under "Categories" on the bottom right of the player. Enjoy!

A DOG'S WAY HOME Vignette - "Finding Bella"
Sony Pictures Entertainment

A DOG'S WAY HOME Vignette - "Finding Bella"

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Howto & Style

A DOG'S WAY HOME Vignette - "Finding Bella"

Bremont Venom - U2/51-JET

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